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ForMeFirst Remedies is a home-based business that all started with a desire to create lovely things. Things that pamper. Things that are extravagant. Things I would buy for myself and love, and buy again. And on it goes. I now have an expanding line of body care products that are made from the luxurious and powerful butters and oils of plants. Discover just how wonderfully useful and beneficial they can be for your body, mind, & soul.   Trust in my hand made, botanical body care products. I make them for myself and my family to ensure safety and quality. Now you can enjoy them too!          Tara Jaeger - Founder and Formulator

Natural Remedies

Natural Body Care and Remedies made from plants and the oils,  butters, and fragrances derived from them. Discover what botanicals can do for your body and mind. 

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Our Most Popular Products

These are two of my favourite products for Summer!


This chocolate-mint food-grade cacao butter, coconut, and beeswax lip balm stays on and tastes delicious without the worry of ingesting petroleum. MMMMMM!!!


Jewelweed is poison ivy’s natural antidote. Blended with sea buckthorn, clove bud oil, lime, cedar wood and other soothing oils.  A natural, pharmaceutical-free remedy that works on many more skin irritations than just poison ivy.

Hand Made & Plant-Based Products

Keep-A-Breast Natural Deodorant

A fantastic formula that works like aluminum-based deodorants without the hazard of aluminum. Lightly scented with chamomile, ylang ylang, and tangerine. You really won’t believe how well it works! ***Sodium Bicarbonate-Free Version Coming Soon!!!***

Hope and Beauty Blend for Migraines

Hope and Beauty Blend Migraine Relief - just a better way to deal with the pain of migraines!  Made with a peppermint and citrus blend, this is a great way to help you relax and work through a migraine.

FMF-Winter Calm Balm


Winter Calm Balm with Menthol & Camphor, and a variety of natural spices. This natural cold remedy provides winter relief without harmful petroleum!  I use Beeswax and Cacao as a much safer alternative.

Chris's Scalp and Shave Oil for Men

Neem is touted as Mother Nature’s natural aspirin. Mixed with tea tree, lavender, and geranium, this blend works great on dandruff-type issues and all sorts of skin irritations. Almost instantly. I have even used it on a bee sting with amazing results.

Tara Drops
Bug Repellent


Tara Drops with 15 Essential Oils Bugs Don't Like - a natural summer essential.  The ultimate Thieve's Blend but with so much more.  This product is also great for deodorizing a room, sanitizing your hands, and the frangrance is powerful.

FMF Precious Oil #6


 I was a crazy sun-worshipper in my day but now realize the damage I was doing.  I made this blend with oils that have soothing and healing properties for my face. I love it. Use it  to spritz the face (5 drops in an atomizer with a cup of distilled water) or apply directly after a shower or bath.

FMF Precious Oil #10


Rosemary, fennel, rose, and geranium are a few of the oils in this yummy blend. Use it as a fragrance, on your face as a rejuvenating moisturizer, or put a few drops in an atomizer with about a cup of distilled water and spritz on your entire body for a refreshing and addictive experience.

FMF Precious Oil Cleansing Pack (#6 + #10)

Oils are also great cleansers. Apply to clean, moist face and rub in for a number of minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and a gentle cloth. You’ll love how your skin feels. Use these different blends for different effects and fragrance.

Hand Made

All ForMeFirst Products are hand made by ME with the love and care that you can only find in a craft business.

All Natural

I personally select all my product ingredients carefully to ensure all ForMeFirst products are pure & natural.

No Chemicals

Unlike the big brands, I never use harsh or harmful ingredients in any ForMeFirst products - natural matters!!

No Harm

My goal is to provide natural health products to the world that DO NO HARM, to people or to the environment!

Purchase ForMeFirst products at these awesome local retailers:

Valley Farm Market - Highway 92 between Elmvale and Wasaga Beach - https://valleyfarmmarket.ca/ - Full line

The Painterie - 43 Elgin Street, Collingwood - https://www.thepainterie.com/ - Full line

Newton Street Art Barn - 2406 Newton Street Victoria Harbour, ON - https://www.newtonstreetartbarn.ca/store/home - Full line

Whitfield’s Guardian Drugs Main Street Elmvale - Poison ivy Remedy

The Environment Network - 10138 Highway 26, Collingwood, ON - http://www.environmentnetwork.org/ Keep-A-Breast Deodorant

One Love - 64 Hurontario Street, Collingwood, ON - www.shoponelove.ca/

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